Michael Ethington


I called needing help desperately. I had lost my keys for the first time ever. I called the ford dealership and they were very dismissive with me almost like I was a nuisance. They then told me that it was going to cost $300 and it would not be an easy process. I had to prove ownership with several items and schedule an appt which could take a couple days?

I then called the lock doctor as a referral from my cousins who own and operate Midland Auto in Shelbyville Ky. They told me that the lock doctor was reasonable and had great service!

I called and within 45 minutes they came to my residence and within 30 min from arriving The tech Michael L. Had a duplicate key made and I was done. He was so pleasant throughout the experience and I would tell anyone who needed a similar service to not waste their time with anyone else.

On top of everything I just mentioned the best part was that they were half as cheap as anyone else I got quotes from and way cheaper than the dealership.

If you want to get ripped off and have to wait a couple days then I would call Ford or another company!

If your looking for great service, more than reasonable prices and a wonderful experience then you’d be wasting your time and money calling anyone else!! The Lock Doctor is a perfect example of what all companies should strive to be!!

Thank you Lock Doctor and thank you Michael L!!